Ten Tips for Your Trip to Walt Disney World

To start off, don’t think you are the only one planning your trip to Disney and have absolutely no idea where to start! That’s totally normal. Disney World can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been before. We have all been in that position… completely clueless when it comes to tackling everything that Walt Disney World Orlando has to offer. But wanna know the good news? You have me! That’s what I’m here for! Throughout this post, I will be providing my top 10 tips for your next trip to Walt Disney World. Sure, you can google my exact head line and probably get thousands and thousands of different answers, but I promise you, mine are the best:) With countless years of experience of vacationing and spending my time at Disney, I know these parks extremely well. So, without further a due, here are my top 10 tips for you and your family to create those special memories that last a life time.

1. Plan Everything

Whether planning to you means making an itinerary or a mental note of each, it is important that you look at things such as park hours, dining reservations, park crowd history, etc. in advance. These things are essential when it comes to enjoying yourself at Disney.

2. Buy tickets early/link them to app

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This. Is. Crucial. Disney makes getting into the park so easy, but in order to take advantage of the easy system, you have to purchase tickets beforehand and link them to your account/My Disney Experience app. 

Here is a link to download the app:  https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/my-disney-experience/mobile-apps/

3. Pack that Bag Beforehand

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Always… and I mean always pack a portable charge – you’ll thank me later! Pack sunscreen, water bottles (don’t throw them away – you can refill them throughout the park!), granola bars, advil, and the list continues! Whatever you think you could possibly want while spending 10 hours in a Disney park, pack it!

*Plan for an afternoon thunderstorm every day… its Florida, it just happens.

4. Genie+ and Individual Lightening Lane

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Genie+ and Individual Lightening Lanes are add-on’s to your Disney tickets that will allow you to schedule ride times for certain rides in advance.  While these services do increase your cost, if used correctly you will make the most out of your days in the theme parks.

5. Dining Reservations

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Highly recommend trying every restaurant that you can at Disney. Especially at Epcot! But, these reservations need to be made well in advance! Restaurants like “Be Our Guest” at Magic Kingdom and “Ohanas” book the day the reservations drop 60 days in advance. Not only will you and your family be served great food, but these restaurants truly perfect the skill of themed dining. 

If you do not get your first choices right away – keep trying.  Reservations often open up a few days before or even the day you want to go! You should also try an alert system like https://mousewatcher.com

6. Break Time

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If I could offer parents with little kids only one piece of advice, PLEASE take a break during the day. Whether that be going back to the vacation rental for a dip in the pool or a nap in AC somewhere, you will thank me later! Disney is so overwhelming for those little ones and I promise you, if they get some R&R, your vacation will be much more enjoyable. Trust me! That awesome swimming pool can be just as magical as walking around in 90 degree weather:)

7. Avoid Extra Magic Hours

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For those staying on or off property, I highly recommend avoiding the parks with extra magic hours. The guests that have the ability to take advantage of those extra hours flock to those parks in thousands. So, avoid that park! Go to a different one – crowds will be lower! I promise!

8. Prepare for weather

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Florida is notorious for 105 degree weather until 3:00 and then a torrential downpour in the afternoon allowing for 65 degree weather at night. Prepare for this! Those hot summer days are almost always ended with a nice thunderstorm in the afternoon. Pack extra socks, shoes, shirts, and maybe an umbrella. Trust me, those park ponchos are not your friend.

9. Be Early

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Always arrive before the park opens. Those first two hours that the park is open will by far be less crowded it will be all day. You can always get a lot done early in the morning while avoiding the dreadful humidity later on.

10. Take Your Time

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Don’t rush Disney. There is SO much to do and if you walk in with the mindset to get everything done as quickly as possible, odds are you won’t enjoy it. Soak it all in and enjoy every minute. Make memories, take photos, try that churro at Pecos Bills, go stand in line for Dolewhip. Just go for it and enjoy it.

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